Collector's Items

  • Iron Dome Launcher made from Rockets

    Iron Dome Launcher made from Rockets

    Fashioned with perfect detail, this amazing Iron Dome Launcher is made from remnants of kassam rockets that were fired into Israel. If this isn't incredible, what is?!

    Reg.: $899 Sale: $699
  • XL Fine Petal Rose - Made from Kassam Rockets

    XL Fine Petal Rose made from Rockets

    Exclusive extra large rose is beautiful and grand, a design that stands for peace and hope in the face of terror. The rose sculpture's base is shaped as the map of Israel, and its stem is attached to the base in the town of Sderot, where most of the rockets have landed. In this way the rose literally "grows" from the place of destruction.Limited Edition: 100 pieces

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  • Collector's Edition: Half-Dozen Rose Bouquet

    Half-Dozen Rose Bouquet

    Beautifully designed handmade sculpture features six gorgeous fine petal roses in the design of a flower bouquet, each with beautifully colored stones. Made from actual rockets that landed in Israel, you will be amazed by this one-of-a-kind work of art. Limited Edition: 50 pieces

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    Reg.: $1,799 Sale: $1,499
  • Rocket Rose Sculpture - Made from Kassam Rockets

    Rocket Rose Sculpture

    Beautifully designed Rocket Rose Sculpture, this handmade piece is made from Kassam rockets that fell in Israel. It features four beautiful long stemmed roses coming out of a rocket, symbolizing the idea of growth emerging from destruction. Limited Edtion: 50 pieces

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    Reg.: $2,499 Sale: $1,999
  • Dozen Rose Bouquet Sculpture

    Dozen Rose Bouquet

    Designed from actual explosives fired into Israel, this bouquet of twelve fine petal roses is a stunning piece of art. Each rose is sculpted with the utmost detail and attention to form a beautiful and meaningful masterpiece. You will be amazed by this work of art! Limited Edition: 50 piece

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  • Rocket into Roses Garden - Made from Kassam Rockets

    Rockets into Roses Garden

    This Limited Edition handmade sculpture has been crafted from actual Kassam rockets that landed in Israel. We can think of no better response to terror than turning it into beauty! This is a stunning piece of art featuring a garden of four long-stemmed red roses growing from the impact of an actual rocket. Limited Edition: 10 pieces

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    Reg.: $2,999 Sale: $2,499